Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bee Pollen

While escaping Hurricane Ike back in September, my mom and I spend a fantastic week with my Aunt Diane in Beeville, Texas. One day we went to visit an Amish community--YES, shockingly enough, there is a settlement of Amish in south Texas. I was shocked and also most pleasantly surpised. It was so surreal though to pull up in front of a little shop in my Aunt's hummer and park beside a row of carriages.

I was instantly enchanted--it was like taking a step back in time. There were no electric wires attached to the houses, and we passed several horse-drawn buggies on the road. Too cool. I made a mental note to learn more about the Amish, but so far have not done so. One of the tiny shops was full of handmade goods and a vast array of herbs, spices, jams, honey and soaps. What caught my eye were the jars of bee pollen. I did not realize that this was something people consumed--silly me. So I bought a jar. Unfortunatly I left this jar in Beeville.

While perusing the honey selection at HEB about 2 months ago I was so excited to see a little jar of bee pollen! I bought it and went home to do a little online research on the stuff. I can't say that I found any extremely helpful information about it, but according to my aunt (who knows stuff) it is very nutiritous and is believed to help balance things within the body. For two months I have been eating about a teaspoon full every morning, and have been pleased with the results I have seen... in my fingernails! For at least the past year my nails have been weak, brittle and have had ridges in them, but the new nail that has grown these past two months has been smooth and my nails have been so much stronger! If nothing else, bee pollen is a good source of vitamins and minerals, and just like honey, it can help with alergy problems. I think it's worth trying out, but you should be careful if you are allergic to pollen, I'm pretty sure if you are it's a bad idea to try. I like the taste--it's very earthy.

I would very much welcome and thoughts, comments, information on bee pollen, as most of the information about it online seems to be written by people who probably look into crystal balls.

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  1. your comment about the hair. the show is completely ridiculous but hooks me in...ahhh, I can't help myself!

    im going to have to try bee cuticles are always so dry and burts bees doesn't always cut it for me!