Sunday, March 1, 2009

A new beginning

Here's to a new blog! I have thought about starting this blog for a while, but of course have procrastinated and thought it would be okay to wait. Well tonight I have found myself quite hyper and in need of something to do. So here I am with a hearty glass of shriaz and I'm ready to go.

I would like to start this blog for a number of reasons. I have blogged before while I was traveling and enjoyed the convenience of it--it allowed me to convey lots of information to lots of people at once. It's a great to way to share things, and to connect. I have loved reading my friends blogs, just about their everyday lives and the goings on that I wouldn't otherwise know about. I like to create things and love to make things myself. I spend lots of time with my sewing machine and my vast array of art supplies. I also like to write. And I also have a lot going on.

I am very happily engaged to the most wonderful man, and am excited to be with him finally in the same place. Sam and I met just over two years ago while working in Vail, Colorado, and have been together ever since. He asked me to be his wife on my birthday last November, and since then we have been planning our life together. It will begin this August after our wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. But before we get to that point there's lots to do and plan and talk about, which is where I'm at right now. Sam lives in England, which is where I will be residing as well after our wedding. This means visas, job changes, lifestyle changes and more. I am terribly excited about it all.

So this blog will start out at the very beginning of my journey as I become a wife. Now I am in Texas and soon I'll be in England. There's so much to do and look forward to! I am very excited to share my thoughts and ideas, and all of the crazy stuff that happens in the every day rigamarole that is life.

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