Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Cute Award

The very charming and talented Domestic Goddess passed this exciting award on to me last week--what a lovely surprise! Thanks dear--it is an honor. So I guess I have to now post 10 not so cute things about myself, which should be easy. Here goes:

1. I have a bad temper. I was once late to work because I couldn't find my wallet under one of the piles of clothes on my floor and had such a fit of rage that neighbors came out onto the street thinking someone was being murdered.
2. I really like things neat and tidy, which is why it's so shocking to me to discover that suddenly there are multiple piles of clothes scattered in my room (this also causes some stressful situations from time to time--see above example).
3. I really really passionately dislike being behind people who are driving slower than I think they should be--especially when running late.
4. I do not love animals, especially cats. I might like a dog if I get to know it, but usually if they just come sniff my crotch right off the bat without introducing themselves I will probably never like them--that makes me feel used. This is very not-cute of me. I do not hate animals, I just don't want them all over me. I'm being honest though. If I don't let your dog lick my face and cringe while peeling hair off of my clothes, just know that it's me, not them. Actually, I don't really believe that at all, but I would say so to make someone feel better, but that's probably also not cute. I guess maybe it is just me after all.
5. I screen my calls often. Just because I'm too lazy to talk, and I have been known not to listen to my voice mails until weeks later.
6. I threw an empty Capri Sun out of my car window once. I think of this and regret it often.
7. I taught kindergarten for a year, and am now much less fond of small children.
8. I once farted loudly in front of the man who will soon be my father-in-law because I was laughing so hard. That was really embarrassing.
9. I do not floss regularly
10. I can get really impatient while watching movies because I will think of things I could be doing. It makes my mom mad especially because I will sneak away for a few minutes to look at something or organize something. It's dumb really.

So there you go. Please don't judge me. Anyway, so here are the great blogs that I am nominating for the cute award:

Check 'em out.


  1. I'll do it later....

    #10 is what made watching movies together interesting, because I'm the same way....stopping to make various foods(popcorn, mostly) throughout the night and thinking of things that I should be doing instead, like washing dishes, or making lists. How irritating.

  2. Awesome! I'm adding you on my blogroll. :)

    I'm very guilty of many of the things listed abouve...and yes, the month of March....hurts. See ya in the Book club!