Wednesday, March 18, 2009

apron time

I have noticed lots of aprons lately, it seems like they're everywhere. I have always really liked aprons, especially the cute not-so-practical ones. Why wear a boring one? However, I think I have worn an apron maybe 3 times in my whole life, because even though I have collected a few, I always forget to wear them--who is with me on this? Or is just me? It makes so much sense though. If you watch old movies usually the mom in the story is always wearing an apron, it's almost like it's just part of her usual attire. I guess back then people cooked a lot more and made more things from scratch, hence messier kitchens and the need to always have an apron on. I think it's rather homey and nice, like you take what you're doing in the kitchen seriously and it means something to you.

Anyway, this is an apron I made last night. It had been a while since I put my sewing machine to use so I was itching for some stitching. The design for this one came to me in a dream about chocolate cake, so now since I've made the apron I will have to make the dream come true and make the cake too. Actually, that's not entirely true--it's just that I was thinking of chocolate cake, which is not such a rare thing, and came up with what I imagined would be the perfect apron to make chocolate cake in. I just hope I remember to wear it!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I hope that one day I actually get to use that sentence while telling a long, drawn out story. I visited Leah's parents this week in Burnet, Texas. It was her spring break so I took two days off in honor of her, and to remember how it used to feel to celebrate such a glorious vacation. I really think that every business should abide by a school calendar, I believe people would be much happier with more vacation time. And I realize that businesses would not make as much money but then maybe people wouldn't make money the most important thing in their lives and our world might not be in such a shambles. We can call this idea the Spring Break Theory. I guess it might be a bit short sighted but oh well. In my own life and my own opinion I do feel better about things when I have days off (for evidence of how miserable I feel with no days off please see my Taiwan blog).

Anywho, it was a lovely day with lots of sunshine and just the right temperature. The first day that Leah and I ever spent together as friends was when we were nine years old. She and her mom picked me up from Vacation Bible School in an old blue truck and we spent the day riding her horse, Gail, and having a picnic. It was so much fun to spend another day riding with her over 16 years later. The horse Leah is on was named Pinot Grigio that day, and the horse I'm on is now Strawberry Wine (which was a very influential song in our early years and one that we requested on the radio more than once... yes I used to listen to country music). After a childhood spent desperately wanting a horse I am now Strawberry's godmother; an honorable role. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch on the porch chatting with Leah's mom and trying to figure out uses for all of the cedar trees that have been cut down in the area. Well I can't wait until my next visit, it was such a pleasure!! Thanks Leah.


  1. loving the apron! you can send me one for my birthday! haha

    mom got me a super cute one last year with looks like a little dress!

  2. super cute apron. you're so talented bethany :) it's too pretty to get food on... that's my problem with not wearing cute aprons.

  3. Bethany, I've loved reading through all your blog! I love all the crafts- makes me remember the days of the "Country Cousins" and their foray into the world of crafts. :) It's fun to see how creative you girls are- and becoming quite accomplished in the kitchen too- funny how having someone to cook for is a great motivator! I'm glad you'll have a blog to keep us updated while you are in England.