Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today started out a bit sketchy. First of all, I had to go to the doctor... the doctor. Which is, of course, never pleasant. It's usually a 45 minute drive to the office, but today it ended up being an hour and a half thanks to rush-hour traffic. I had to go to the bathroom SO badly, and after waiting 20 minutes to get through one light, and much gnashing of teeth, I finally came upon a gas station, which was lucky because I was also out of gas. But once I tried to pump the gas the actual nozzle would not go into the tank. If this ever happens to you just know that violently thrusting the nozzle in the general vicinity of the tank will not make it go in, and no combination of obscenities will get the job done either. My advice is move on. Which I did, with much squealing of tires, back into the rain and traffic. Luckily I did not run out of gas. After the appointment I went to work, and for some reason all I could think about was spending quality time with chocolate glazed donuts. Go figure.

The rest of the day was good though. On my drive home I listened to some talk radio. It seems like everyone is talking about the border control problem. I think this is ironic as I am desperate to get into another country myself. But for some reason sailing a small boat over the Atlantic has not yet entered the realm of possibilities for me yet. I wonder what it's like to be so desperate to get into the States that you would spend huge amounts of money and risk your life to do so. I don't think that it's something many people can relate to. I read a really good book last year called Coyotes, by Ted Conover, which is an account of a journalist who joins up with some illegal migrants from Mexico to see what their lives are like as they go back and forth across the border, and from one job to the next in the US. It is incredibly eye-opening--and more importantly mind-opening I dare say. I recommend people read it who feel resentment and condescension toward illegal aliens in this country.

Anyway, as I was listening to these broadcasts I realized that I truly do not know how I feel about it all. Should we let more people in? People who would have much better quality of life here, or keep them out and say it's not our problem. Look out for ourselves or look out for others. There are definitely good arguments to both sides I reckon. This is the problem though, I don't usually feel very strongly either way in political matters. So I am going to attempt to even if it's awkward. I don't want to be a flaky fence-sitter so I am going to have opinions. Some might say that I already am opinionated enough for my own good, and I would say to those people, "You are correct."

So it begins...


  1. I have a lot of students that are illegal immigrants, and when they tell me about life back "home".....I have to say, America looks pretty freaking amazing. Pure desperation. Another good book to check out in called "Enrique's Journey." It's about a boy who travels by sketchy trains all the way from Honduras to Texas in search of his mother. It's very sad, and very eye-opening.