Tuesday, March 3, 2009

bright blue skies out my window

It's an exquisite day today! I'm afraid this is probably some of the last nice weather before the summer heat and humidity hit us with a fury. Since I spent nine hours of the day in the cave that is my office I am excited to get outside and soak up the nice evening sun. The days are getting longer and I like that! I even skipped yoga to enjoy the weather.

These little drawstring lovlies have so many uses. I think that they are great to use as gift-wrap instead of paper--they're much cuter and greener than paper, and infinitely reusable! I started making these in a frenzy when I realized how quick they are, you don't even need a pattern or to measure anything at all. Just cut, fold and sew. They use so little fabric that they're perfect for all those old scraps from other projects. I even used some of the optional piping you often get with bridesmaids dresses for the drawstring on the one on the right (thank you Ellie). I do apologize for the somewhat morbid way they seem to be hanging from little miniature gallows.

This was one was the perfect home for Mr. Ipod. He looks quite happy there--nice and snug. And maybe tomorrow my cell phone will live there, or my camera, or my lip gloss, or my...

Jewelry? Why not? I could go on and on. And probably will. Before I go I want to share these incredibly delicate spoons that I got at a little boutique--they're made out of sea shells and mother of pearl. They are so fragile and dainty and I love them to bits! You know, the first thing I thought when I saw them was, "Those would be really nice to serve crab dip with." Irony? Perhaps for the little crab that used to live in the shell on the end of my lovely new spoon.

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  1. cute! I think I might have to buy a sewing machine here so I can start some projects in my ample spare time.