Sunday, March 8, 2009

Snowey England

My trip to the Kingdom this February happened to coincide with the country's first heavy snowstorm in 20 years--lucky me! I got to land in the tiny airport of Bristol while people were still waiting for their flights to go out from days before. Sam and his mom hiked out of their house in the country 4 miles (uphill in the snow each way...) to get to his sisters house so he could use a car that wasn't snowed in to pick me up. It was so much fun to see the country blanketed in so much snow! It was breathtaking. We got to have lots of fun sledding, and I so wished I had my snowboard with me--but at least Sam got to try out a couple kickers that we made. Sam's talented mother is responsible for all of the photos except the top two--aren't they excellent??!! I love the ones of the birds--there were so many birds, and they looked so vibrant against the white of the snow.


  1. OH my gosh...she is very talented! It's gorgeous!!

  2. Oh, Bethany, I love the one of you airborne-the look on your face is priceless. And yes, she takes wonderful pictures- can't wait to meet her.