Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

As of today, Sam and I are the very proud and happy owners of this wonderful little cottage:

It's called The Causeway. It is just so adorable and cozy, and I can't wait to move in! Sam is there today putting in the washing machine and Fridge, and will soon start moving all of the sweet gifts we have received and the belongings that I have sent back with him from the States. It's so exciting! Of all of the 26 houses that I have lived in, this is the most exciting to me because it is ours. Our first home together! Weee! It's also wonderful because of its setting: It is in the cute little village of Withycombe in the Exmoor National Park. It has a stream running behind it, along the patio and garden, and the views out the front windows look onto this church yard:

This is The Church of St. Nicholas which dates back to the 13th century. Supposedly in one of the wall recesses there is hidden a figure of a man with long hair wearing a hat--which is one of the oldest church monuments to include a hat. Fancy that. That same man is also holding a heart case, which means that he died somewhere else and only his heart was returned to this church for burial. The view from our guest bedroom are the very best, so come visit and see for yourself!

This is our local pub, The Butchers Arms, which is about a 15 minute walk away--walking distance to a pub was crucial in the home-buying decision. This pub is also the one where Sam's cricket team meets after each game (match?).
I can't wait to live there, only two months now. I love England and always have such inspiring thoughts there, so I am thrilled that I actually get to live there. I'm so excited!


  1. Ohhhh! So jealous! That's so beautiful. You'll love it.

  2. Congratulations! I LOVE IT!!!