Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Visa Update--no news

Well I can safely say that I am on the verge of being a total wreck (think mental hospital/straight jacket). A word of advice to anyone who might one day go through this hell: it is not really that helpful to read forums or blogs regarding visa processing as the positive ones give you false hope, and the negative ones make your blood run cold. Steer clear. However, I do not follow my own advice and put myself through this misery almost daily. It's just really hard to sit here and do nothing, even if doing something means taking one step closer to mental ruin.

Here's the stats so far:

-May 12:

Submitted online application, paid $890 fee, booked soonest biometrics appointment

-May 21:

Attended biometrics appointment. I was in the office less than 5 minutes. They scanned all of my fingers three times, and took a photo of me. If you ever find yourself in this situation, and you cannot get a biometrics appointment within a week, go anyway and see if they'll put you through. If I had known this I could have saved myself a week.

Sent the whole dang 4 inch stack of papers to the consulate in Los Angeles via overnight FedEx.

-May 22:

Tracked the package and saw that it arrived at 10:24 a.m. I felt good this day.

-June 3:

Received an email notification that my application had finally been opened.

-June 10:

Waiting. Very anxiously.

This is seriously so hard. According to the many forums that I have read, visas are denied daily for no good reason. They are also approved when there is not as much evidence provided as others that have been denied. I have been told that I will be contacted either by phone or by email letting me know that my visa has either been approved or denied, or to ask for more information. There is no one for me to contact, and no idea how long this will take except that " this time settlement visas are being processes within 40-45 days." Does that mean they're processed by 40-45 days, or minimun 40 maximum 45? Or does that mean that mine could take longer and I MIGHT NOT GET MY PASSPORT BACK IN TIME TO ATTEND MY OWN WEDDING. Or does it mean that I could find out tomorrow? Hells bells.

Come on guys, throw me a bone here.

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