Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life's Rich Pageantry

Isn't it interesting how when one negative thing happens about 10 more negative things happen right afterward? But that doesn't seem to be the case really when positive things happen. It's more like when a good thing happens, then lots of negative things happen to try and cancel out the good thing. Have a I mentioned I'm sort of a pessimist? But I am trying to show that I am being optimistic here. You'll see why in a minute.

See, here's the thing; yesterday I received a call from the consulate (positive thing) and was given a direct line and contact name (very positive) and was told to call at the beginning of July and said contact would help me get my visa processed if she can, and if not will send my passport back but not cancel my application (extremely positive) so that I can attend my own wedding. So yesterday was a good day!! I felt sort of rattled and shaken, like I had just survived a train wreck, but good and thankful too.

Then I chipped my front tooth heaven knows how, and just now I dropped my phone in the toilet at work. Luckily for me I have the reflexes of a cat and snatched it from the toilet bowl in less than a second (although I'm still debating whether or not putting my hand in a public toilet is good or bad yet). It is now sitting on my desk on a hospital bed of paper towels and we are all hoping for the best. Let me just say that I have had this phone for less than two weeks, you see my other one mysteriously died and had to be replaced, and a new battery was purchased and much money was spent. This is all very annoying because I am going to be canceling my phone plan in less than two months when I move (IF I move, if I get my visa....). So am I really going to have to get a new phone again? Really?

During these times of uncertainty it's kind of scary to think, "what next?" so I'm not thinking it. Instead I am concentrating on how it's so funny, the timing of things. Of course I would chip my front tooth 6 weeks before my wedding, of course I would drop my phone in the toilet 6 weeks before cancelling my service. If I didn't then where would my good stories come from? It's like the time I locked my keys in the car along with my phone and wallet and had the incredible [mis]fortune to randomly knock on the door of the only home where they were having a family gathering and was pulled inside to witness their eldest daughter and son-in-law announce that they were going to be grandparents for the first time. I was hugged, cried on, invited back for dinner and kindly driven home to retrieve my extra key! What?! I just wanted to use the phone! Instead of feeling like a dumbass I am almost pleased with myself when these things happen because I can write about them in my journal and remember it all for years to come as the exciting, necessary things that must happen to keep life interesting.


  1. I love that story of when you got pulled into the house. Also, I just laughed out loud and it was a little embarassing here in a quiet teacher's room. Tell your phone I said get well soon.

  2. http.www.wikihow.com/Save-A-Wet-

  3. yes...sounds like my day yesterday..

    when they moved my washing machine the drum inside somehow is not working so yesterday when i did laundry the stupid thing came out of the cabinet and was on it's side...stuck under the sink.

    this story is so much more hilarious in person..i will tell it to you next weekend..hang in there..go have a drink

  4. try putting your phone in a baggie with dry rice- we did it with Joe's phone and after a week it was working again! Miraculous! Take it apart and pull the battery out!