Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Broom Closet Edition

In our cottage, we have three closets-- a "wardrobe" upstairs, a cupboard/broom closet downstairs and an airing cupboard in our bathroom.  So not a lot of storage.  We have had to get really creative and very un-feng-shui (stuff under the bed, under the dressers, tools in the kitchen drawers etc.).  It doesn't help that now I have a heap of sports supplies to deal with: cricket gear, rugby gear, 2 surf boards, 3 snowboards, and a set of golf clubs.  I've never thought of guys having so much stuff as I didn't have any brothers, and my dad's always had a garage for all his stuff;)  Anyway, until yesterday, our downstairs closet looked like this:
We have had some really bad luck with rails, because the inner walls of our house are made of a chalk like substance that are about 2 feet thick, and a couple weeks ago the rail in our upstairs closet fell down, leaving a mixing bowl sized crater in the wall.  Sam fixed it with his magical powers, but it made me second guess my plan to put a rail up in the closet downstairs.  With our forces combined we came up with this:

That shelving unit had a 6th shelf, but it wouldn't fit, and since Sam can cut an incredibly straight line with a hand saw we made it work.  It's great!  I keep opening the door and looking in at all of the organization.  We were able to attach the coat hook because it's attached to the outer wall which had to be drilled through because it's solid stone.  There's no happy medium with our walls.  **sigh**  But I am obsessed with this house so I'll take it.  And now we have a beautifully organized closet:)


  1. That's really impressive! Isn't it fun to be creative?! I bet you'll continue to come up with more creative alternatives to storage and you get to do together :) Mom

  2. Ugh, I need creative inspiration like that. I live in a one-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and we have ONE closet. It hurts.