Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Confession

I cleaned the floors for the first time since we moved in this weekend.  What?

When Sam and I were sitting down and talking about budgeting and what we really needed and what we should save for, I offered that there was no urgent need to get any cleaning products at first because cleaning isn't a necessity really.  Of course Sam just rolled his eyes and proceeded to buy a washing machine and a vacuum and a whole slew of sprays and wipes, but to my surprise and delight he overlooked the broom/mop aisle, and I did not point that out to him.  It has been almost 3 glorious months of not even caring what the hideous linoleum floors in our kitchen, bathroom, hallway and conservatory looked like because we were saving money, and everything else was clean anyway.  It's not like cleaning the floors would suddenly make them look nice anyway, because like I said, they're linoleum.  BUT THEN, two weeks ago we happened to be picking up some supplies at our local home improvement store, and by pure chance passed a big, flashy display of brooms and mops on sale and I knew then that I was doomed.  Sam's eyes lit up and said something about not having cleaned the floors yet and they're "quite grotty at the moment" and I just scuffed my foot against the ground and pouted away to gaze fondly at new tiles.   But if you notice, we got the stuff two weeks ago, so I was able to put it off for a reasonably long time still.  

I am a pretty clean person, typically, and everything else has been cleaned regularly.  I even enjoy it now that it's our home and not my parents house or some crumbly old apartment.  I will admit that the floors do look better, they are a much lighter color than they appeared to be before, and it gave the kitchen a new sort of feel and brightness.  


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  2. I always put off cleaning our kitchen floor because the grout was never sealed and always looks disgusting, no matter how much I why bother really :)