Monday, September 19, 2011

cooler days

Cooler days? Who am I kidding? It's been like this since April. Our summer this year was in what was technically springtime and was just 2 weeks of weather that was in the 70s and one of those weeks we were in Thailand. But I'm excited it's fallish because it just feels different somehow but really it's just the same as summer except that I have an overwhelming impulse to collect pine cones. In honor of the beginning of fall I made a pumpkin pie this weekend and it was delish. I am also looking forward to start making some of our favorite soups like roasted butternut squash, carrot and corriander (aka cilantro), broccoli cheese and leek and potato. Yum. What are some other good soups? Any seasonal favorites that I should add to my soup list?



  2. I find this to be hilarious because I swear I just wrote the same post!!! I also wanted to request recipes for fall goodness but for some reason I didn't! This is the absolute best stew. I used beef but if you have lamb I'm sure it would be amazing!

  3. Have you ever tried a soup called Wedding soup? it's really good! They usually have it in the can soup isle.