Wednesday, October 5, 2011

warmer days

English weather is so predictably unpredictable. Just as soon as we got our shed stocked with logs and started looking forward to cozy evenings by the fire sipping hot chocolate and eating pumpkin pie it gets hot for the first time since April. During the past two weeks people have been wearing flip flops, taking their shirts off, eating on their patios and going to the beach. Even the plants have started blooming again. So Sam and I took the opportunity to get some color on our pasty selves and hit the beach as well.

(beached whale at 27 weeks)

But not to worry, they are already predicting hail and snow for some areas later this week so soup is back on the menu...


  1. that little bump is so so sweet!!!

  2. That's crazy that you'll already be getting hail and snow!!! Stay warm!