Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Common English Words Defined

This post is inspired by some nasty emails I have received lately, in response to some of my emails, which have been auto "corrected" by my UK version of Outlook. Hence such changes have occurred against my will: labor-->labour, neighbor-->neighbour, color-->colour. Basically, I have some family and friends who have accused me of becoming Englishized and being a poser, or one of those obnoxious American people who try to become Europeans (the audacity), and I hereby say IT'S NOT MY FAULT. I am also here to say that I get made fun of on both sides of the pond. There are a surprising number of words that are not the same--I am trying to speak their language here but sometimes I forget.

A list of commonly used English words that differ from American in alphabetical order (more or less):

Biro--ball point pen
Bobby--police officer
Estate car--station wagon
High Street--shopping area
Jacket potato--baked potato
Jumper--pullover sweater
Kitchen roll--paper towels
Loo roll--toilet paper
manky-rough, dirty, nasty
minger--someone who is unattractive
Nutter--insane person
One the Piss--drinking heavily
Pikey--Irish traveler, aka Gypsie
Plonker--fool, silly person
Press up--push up
Push chair--forward facing baby carriage
Toff--member of the upper class
Wing mirrors--side mirrors
Wobbly-freak out, have a hissy fit
Wonky--not straight
Yob--young troublemaker

So you see, there are a lot of differnces. Please don't have a wobbly if you get a ping from me with wonky words in it because I'm still trying to orientate myself, and this is not the same English as I learnt at uni, I'm not a plonker innit.

Stay tuned for tomorrows/next weeks post: Cockney Rhyme and Other English Anomalies...


  1. jacket potato? what the heck.
    you should add suspenders/panty hose to the list. love your winter pic!

  2. I so had the same problem when I lived in Australia, mate.

  3. Very entertaining! I especially liked your paragraph using your new words :) By the way, what does "innit" mean? MOM

  4. oh, too funny! Blame it all on Noah Webster who wanted American children to learn American definitions and spelling!! I'm sure they just love to hear you talk!

  5. How about boot / trunk ?

    Just getting round to adding people onto my blogroll now for Craft Blog UK and got distracted by your amusing posts!