Saturday, February 6, 2010

Living in the Projects

Sam and I are definitely living in the projects these days. I mean, there are projects in progress everywhere around here. There are lot of things we want to do to our little house to make it our own, and now that we both have incomes they're starting to happen. It sure is messy though. Sam came down stairs this morning (where I was covering some boring lamp shades) and said, "THERE ARE TOOLS EVERYWHERE!!!" Which I thought was funny, coming from a man. But there are--pretty much on every surface. I'm hoping to post some pics soon of the little things we have gotten done, but I've been really bad about taking before pictures, so you wont be able to appreciate the vast improvements we've made. This weekend we are organizing our spare room, downsizing a desk, painting and hanging a curtain rod, making and hanging curtains, cutting back our outdoor plants and cleaning off the deck of all dead leaves and dirt, and getting rid of the last of the mold that we have had such a problem with (this involves bleaching, sanding and repainting things). I am rewarding Sam for all of his hard work by allowing him going with him to watch a Rugby game.

Going back to the mold problem (mould if you're English), we have had to get creative. I have done lots of research and have found some handy ways of preventing mold. Our closet is the main problem area, so now we keep our shoes in plastic bins, and have purchased this:

Which you can buy here, and it really does make a difference in our little closet. Basically it is a porcelain "egg" with absorbing crystals inside of it--the same stuff that you find in those little packets in shoe boxes, and when the little sensors on the sides go from blue to pink you pop it in the microwave (or if you're like us, in the oven) and it makes the moisture inside of it evaporate and it's ready to go again. The egg is made for small spaces, so we also invested in a dehumidifier which is expensive but totally worth it because it gets so much moisture out of the air. We run it about 2 or 3 times a week for an hour or so and get about a cup of water each time--THATS HOW DAMP IT IS Y'ALL.


  1. Wow, you are busy! Getting ready for some visitors? Hurray for the little "egg" and humidifier :) Enjoy the rugby game...MOM

  2. Wow! You guys have so many projects going on! I admire that. I can't wait to own a home someday and make it my own :)

  3. silicon's in diapers too
    ps. We just bought a humidifier for our room.

  4. Zach corrected me, it's actually sodium polyacrylate that's in diapers. I should have consulted my resident chemist before spreading false information :)