Sunday, February 21, 2010

Endearing Cottage Architectural Oddities

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but our house is over 122 years old, across the street from a church built in 1212, in a village that has existed for over 1,000 years. I repeat, over 1,000 years. This is staggering considering the US has only been a country for about 234 years. It wasn't until after we moved in that I found out our house used to be a butchers shop (sometimes I think I wake up to moooo-ing), then it was the village post office before World War 1, and after that it was purely residential. All this to say, they built houses differently back in the good old days: walls aren't straight but are curvy, rooms aren't symmetrical, and the house itself is a wedge shape--wider at one side and tapering out at the other. I love it. I call it my Dr. Seuss house. It has been updated quite a bit, but there are still wonderful features that remind me that I'm living in a little piece of history. I am also thankful to the couple who lived here before us, and did a lot of the renovations, for their attention to detail and careful restoration.

To the left of our log burner there is a little bread oven. In the old days when you had a fire going you would basically make your bread dough and it would rise in the bread oven next to the fire.

We have these great old wooden bedroom doors upstairs with old hardware. Love.
Exposed beams. We have a few of these scattered about.
This isn't old but I like it and hate it. This is our closet.
Our stairway, like our house, is wide at one end and narrow at the other.
You can see how thick the walls are in this picture. Here is our lovely stable door.
Wiiiide windowsills. Great for house plants.


  1. LOVE these pictures and what amazing history you live in! Its such an awesome, adorable cottage :) CAN'T WAIT to come see it in person. I'm getting so excited!!! MOM

  2. Those are such cute pictures! Your home looks lovely.

  3. Those funky angles are the cool part about your house! It has such rich character! And my 12 yr old house.... has crooked walls too! :) But thats why we love them!

  4. thanks for sharing all those cute things, Bethany! Amazing history! and I thought our house was getting old at 35! Aunt J