Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday!

I just returned from my trip to visit my kid sister in Spain this week. I will write more about that and post pictures soon--but not all 596 of them. It was such a nice trip to such a wonderful place, and I can't believe I never did a study abroad program when I was in school! Silly silly me.

I mentioned earlier that I was going to be reading the first of the Twilight books soon. And it finally happened during this trip, as I lay beside the twinkling turqouise waters of the Mediterranean. Yeah, it's pretty silly. "It's an easy read," noted my sister. And what more could you want for beach reading? I will still finish them, although I am struggling at the beginning of the second one. They do not come close to comparing to my beloved Harry Potter. And I didn't expect them to. But it is so nice to dive into a world that is not real, because I reckon life itself is real enough.

Happy weekend! I'm off to celebrate the most deserved college graduation of all time--CONGRATULATIONS LEAH! I've got my party boots packed...

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  1. The Harry Potter books are a hard act to follow. I agree with you about the Twilight books. They are fun, but not even close to Harry. I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse books now and they are fun. Still not Harry.

    We just had a high speed chase on Stagecoach. Can you say stupid?