Monday, April 6, 2009


I love this place! Just look at it. I mean, why wouldn't you want to live there? My only regret is that while I did live there I didn't have a car so I didn't explore nearly enough. This was taken on the way from Eagle Airport back to Eagle-Vail where we stayed with...
Townsend (the one in the sweet pjs and guitar) and his crackin' roommates. They were so much fun and we had an excellent time. Lots and lots of laughing.
Three out of the four days we went snowboarding looked like this. It snowed (snew?) so much it was incredible. Conditions were great--especially because I did not have to work a single time!
This is chair 5 out the back, very cold and very windy. As you can see (I hope) there was so much powder and no one was out there. It was during the week so it was just dead--we owned the place.
Here we are sitting on Chair 5. We were riding that day with Andy (on the right), a friend of the roommates, and he was very pleasant company. He drives a big blue van with all the interior taken out and redone, so there's a big seat at the back and then all of his mixing equipment (he's a musician) and other devices for traveling around the country in a van--complete with a shrunken head hanging from the rear view mirror. I thought it was great, so him. Very glad we met up with him and got to spend some time learning about his life.
That's a bunch of underwear and bras. Girls take their underwear off and throw them at this tree--it's not so easy while wearing boots and a snowboard or skis, not that I have tried--it's too cold!!!.
And this is what it looked like on April Fools Day, just look at all that new snow! It was a great day out there, probably one of the best ever. Many thanks to the boys for letting us stay, to Continental for having cheap flights, and to the economy for not letting us find proper jobs so we'd have time off to go! WhooHoo!


  1. B- I just got caught up on your blog while I should really be going to bed- you just make me laugh! Love the pictures-would love to see video of you snowboarding- that a Wallace female could do that is amazing! Love you lots. Very much looking forward to meeting the new in-laws.

  2. I was just reading your blog, I came through the bookclub to find it. We live off of Stagecoach, right outside of Tomball!