Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Weekend

Why oh why does the weekend go by so fast? I really shouldn't complain, because I just had three weeks off from my "job" and I leave again for Spain this Saturday. So I wont complain, I'll just point out the Saturday and Sunday go by much more quickly than all the others.

The big-bad-visa-application. That's a two inch binder there. I am so ready to get this thing out of my life! And I'm in luck, because I will be applying and sending it off the day after I get back from Spain, so if you would please pray, cross your fingers and knock on wood for me it would be much appreciated. I'm still yo-yoing between optimism and despair about the whole thing. And then I think to myself, I am busting my a$$ to live in a country where I have to learn to drive a stick shift on the other side of the road. A country where you have to apply for a license to have a tv in your house. A country where there is no Mexican food. A country that has rules against having electrical outlets in your bathroom. Ah, but they speak English, and the have fish n chips, and PUBS, and charming elderly people who drink milky tea, and quaint villages and cities to explore, and Easy Jet!!!!!, and most importantly Sam. I'm so excited, but it still doesn't seem real at all.

Now, onto a completely different topic, I have in my possession the first book of the Twilight series. If reading these is anything like reading Harry Potter was for me, then I probably will not be doing much posting in the near future--or really anything else. I adamantly refused to read Harry Potter, they seemed so dumb, but oh my goodness, I loved them. Perhaps partly because I read them when I was living in Taiwan and needed a nice fairy-tale land to escape to in order to maintain my sanity, but also because they are so enchanting. They are so easy and sweet--I bet that they haven't been described as sweet before, but they were to me. So I have been hearing about these Twilight books for a while now, and instead of saying I would never read them, I said I would read them when the fickle finger of fate deemed it appropriate. The time has come.

Something really weird happened here, the entire thing just turned into a link to the picture I posted. I can't figure out how to make it go away so I'll just leave it. Good grief.


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how annoying I find ice cream trucks...

  2. politicians did get ice cream tucks to stop selling candy cigarettes

  3. Hi Bethany, This is Angela... I got your blog link from Emily. I hope you don't mind me reading and replying every once in awhile. I like your blog and it gives me a nice break from my work day.

    Twilight was nothing like Harry Potter in my book (pun intended :) ) I'll try not to spoil it for you, but keep us posted as to what you think.

    Do you remember the music from ice cream trucks in Guate? Out-of-tune "Home on the Range" was a common tune. It was the worst!