Thursday, April 21, 2011

and the wedding of the year award goes to....

Sam and I have just returned from spending almost two weeks in Koh Samui, Thailand to celebrate my sweet friend Emily's wedding. It was such a great celebration, as weddings always are when you know that the happy couple were made for each other. We had a blast making new friends, drinking jackie Chang (beer), soaking up the sun, wandering around the island and attending the wedding of the year. Coming home we had that post trip depression let down that often happens after you know you've just returned from one of the best trips of your life. **Sigh** But the beauty of it is that we made some awesome new friends and have 800 fantastic pictures to bring back the memories year after year:)

We watched the sun rise on Koh Samui Monday morning when we left, and as we drove toward Somerset on the M3 we watched the sun set that same day--20 hours later.

Some photographic highlights of the trip:

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  1. I miss the coconut smoothies:( And our scooter gang. Talk about post vacation depression.