Saturday, March 12, 2011

we went to Wells today

Going to Wells gave me the exciting opportunity to use Paint to make the amazing map below, I haven't used Paint since I was 10, it's great fun, I'm bringing it back. Anyway, Wells is located in Somerset (only about an hour or so from us) and is the smallest city in England with a population of 10,000, and has city status only because it has a cathedral. The cathedral was built between 1175 and 1490 but the original church was established on that site in 705. The West Front contains one of the largest galleries of medieval sculpture in the world. It is beautiful. Wells is tiny but has the feel of a city. We had fun walking around the city center and taking pictures of small doors.

On the way to Wells we went through a really nice little village called Langport, there's nothing really worth going there for but it was cute, as all villages are to be honest. We also drove through a village called Compton Dundun which is just a ridiculous name and fun to say over and over again which of course we did the rest of the way to Wells. In Compton Dundun we saw a little old man hosing down his driveway and a girl with very drastically parted hair wearing leggings sitting on the wall near a bus station. So that pretty much tells you how exciting of a place it is.

Here I am standing in a miniature doorway. I love these doors, we took 7 pictures just like this today.

Here is the tomb of someone, I'm sorry to say I didn't take note of the name. But this reminded me of Lord of the Rings--the scene where Aragorn is dead and Arwen, who of course is immortal, weeps as his tomb forevermore. It also reminds me of Harry Potter when Dumbledore dies.

This is a picture of Vicars Close which is claimed to be the oldest purely residential street with its buildings intact in all of Europe. And people actually live in these houses, I know because I saw some weird Pokemon toys out in one of the gardens. It was originally built for Bishop Ralph of Shrewsbury and I believe that people associated with the church used to live there such as priests and the Vicars Choral.

I've written some really wordy posts recently so I hope this eye candy makes up for it.

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  1. Love the pictures and pretty little town! Is that one of the places you are planning on taking me? I like that you are getting to see some more of your "neighborhood" :) MOM