Thursday, April 11, 2013

we are still alive

Howdy! It's hard to believe--impossible to believe--that we have been in Texas for almost 5 months. So much has happened! We have worked our way through almost all of our After The Move to do list, we have jobs, a vehicle, phones, insurance, etc etc etc. The house thing is still in the works. This transition has gone very smoothly, better than expected.

Since we've been here Maya turned one, celebrated her second Christmas, sprouted 4 teeth and curly hair and she is now walking, almost running and saying a few words. Big time!

There has been some culture shock, mainly on my end, I just find some things so shocking even though I am a native American.  Portion sizes, Wal-Mart people, lack of vacation days.  It's weird to move back somewhere.  Maybe it's the negative undertone of the word back, like you're going backwards. I feel like I should feel weird about it, I think that's it.  But I don't, we are where we are supposed to be. And it feels really good.

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