Thursday, July 5, 2012

we're back. with a post about food.

Has it really been over 4 months since I wrote on the old blog?  That's terrible.  I will be honest though, I never intended this to be a baby blog, and since baby stuff is basically all I do right now I have refrained from writing.  It's also been a really nice break.  Blogging can be really frustrating and I get annoyed with how long it takes to process and upload pictures. But this is also a blog about our lives, and since Maya is a MASSIVE (and noisy) part of that now I will include the little tot but try not to overshare.  You're welcome.

So, she's 7 months old next week. When I look at her now, sitting up and rolling over, I can't believe she is the same baby who only a few months ago laid very still and only made slow motion little movements. She eats real food now too, as you can see.  

Thankfully the whole feeding thing has gone really smoothly, she has liked every single thing I've given her.  From butternut squash to spinach, peaches to raspberries.  We have done a combination of the regular old pureed food and a little bit of baby led weaning.  Baby led weaning is a really silly term for letting the baby feed herself--so we give her little sticks of things like soft apples, avacado and cucumber to gum (she doesn't have any teeth yet) and she loves to do it.  It's so fun to see her try different tastes and textures.  I dreaded the whole messy food business but it's been really enjoyable for all three of us, and since I made a ton of food and froze it in advance it's been really easy and convenient, even when we are out and about.  Now Sam gets to participate in feeding time (and I can have a little break!) and Maya gets to expand her palate.  

 We already have some rituals.  Mays sits happily in her chair while we get the food ready and heated, she gets really excited too because now she's learned what's happening.  She likes to rest her feet on the bar of her high chair, nice and comfy.  She does a poo EVERY SINGLE time, usually right after we start to feed her, which I think is astonishing because it literally happens every single time and it must be the most horrible and uncomfortable time to do that, strange right?  But there you go.  Is that oversharing?  Sorry.

Say hello to little broccoli brows.  Food gets into all of her little creases and crevices, especially her nose.  And she has to touch everything these days.  'forget about this sweet potato, give me that camera, it looks tasty.'

We do still do a few things that aren't baby related, however.  Sam and I have found time to go on a few nice dates, and our garden is also flourishing thanks to me actually being around to take care of it this summer. We have grown cucumbers for the first time and there are so many of them, I'm going to have to learn how to make pickles. 

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