Saturday, June 25, 2011

our latest creation

Heyo! We're going to be parents! Parents to a human being!

This explains my 2 month break from blog life--I have had an extremely lower than normal tolerance for things I don't feel like doing, and all I feel like doing is sleeping. Things are better now that I'm in my second trimester, I'm able to stay off the couch for hours at a time without collapsing.

We're so excited! In fact, excited is an understatement, there really aren't words to describe all of the emotions I am feeling. It's such a big adventure, the biggest and happiest we have been on so far. When we saw the baby for the first time during our scan it was like being suffocated with uncontrollable love, I just couldn't believe I was actually seeing our tiny baby. We watched the baby bounce around and move its little arms and legs, and we could see the heart beating--this little flutter of life. All my fear and anxiety about being a parent just dissolved as I realized how perfect it is. We will figure out the rest as we go. It's such a miracle that Sam and I have made our own little baby, our own little home brew:)

Two months ago when we were waiting to see what the test result would say I realized that I was thinking "please please please let it be positive", and in that moment when it did say positive the universe did a somersault and we entered into an entirely new dimension. We entered it laughing, which is always a good way to begin something terrifying, exciting and new.


  1. I am more than thrilled and excited!!! My baby is having a baby...amazing. I cried when I saw the ultrasound picture...that's my first grandchild :) Mom (Grammy)

  2. I got goosebumps reading this. love you guys

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! You guys will be great parents and you sound so excited!