Monday, October 11, 2010

the £6 couch makeover that took 8 months

Way back in March I posted this post with the picture below as a preview of a project I had started.
It all began with the picture below. This picture is of our first meal in our house the day after we moved in. Please note the sofa, it is approximately 20 years old and had belonged to Sam's parents, then later his sister who gave it to us when they were remodeling their house which was conveniently around the time we were getting married and moving into ours. It's a massive comfy couch, the only problem was that it was absolutely ______ fill in the blank. I can't say the words I truly feel because I don't want to offend anyone.


And by after I mean 8 months after I started I finally finished. What happened was we were in Ikea looking at duvet covers and blankets and saw some huge cotton "throws" and I realized they would be the perfect material to cover the couch. And at £2 per throw it was a bargain. We got three and it was more than enough material. So when we got home that night I began the process of covering the cushions and scratching my head as to what to do with the rest of it. After a couple of days I had all the pieces cut and most of it sewn together but just never made the finishing touches of hemming the sides or securing the front "flap" if you will. Unfortunately I can't explain how I did it because there was no method or pattern, I just pinned the fabric over the couch and then took it off and sewed it. I had to put it on and take it off to adjust it quite a bit, and just kind of worked little by little until it fit. It's basically just a slip cover.


  1. I am so impressed that you slipcovered an entire couch!

  2. Way to go, Bethany! I'm so impressed! It looks great! That is a huge project to undertake. Your home looks so warm and cozy!

  3. Love the new living room setup and the couch looks great! You've done alot to your home in 6 months since we were there :) You are both so good at making your little cottage so homey and welcoming!! MOM

  4. B's Dad is almost alwasy her Mom. This really is Dad. Gotta say the original fabric was kind of groovy!