Saturday, August 21, 2010

bathroom improvements

This is not the bathroom of my dreams, it's the bathroom of my reality, so I have to make the best of it. We recently found an old mirror at a car boot sale for £5 that I sanded down and repainted, it weighs about 30 pounds because of the glass. I have been trying to find some shelves for our bathroom above the toilet pretty much ever since we moved in, and everything is either boring, expensive or impossible to find. I wanted to put up two old wooden wine crates but they fall under the "impossible to find" category. So I spent 2 whole days at work last week on the internet looking for a suitable alternative (as you do), and then when I was driving home one day the answer came to me. We bought two of these bins from Ikea a few months ago and they have just been on our bookshelf not really doing much. They are the perfect solution; they're not plain old shelves and they're items we already own--score! The best part was that it gave Sam another chance to use his power drill to make more holes in our 134 year old plaster walls, which is always an enjoyable experience for him:) Anyway, here you go, it's not really a completed product but it's miles better than before.




  1. Great job! So you can pretty much sit on the pot and wash your face at the same time! Love you! Aunt J

  2. This looks so great and much better than before!!! You are such an amazingly, creative person! Another example of necessity being the mother of invention. Way to use what you already have, creatively and I LOVE the mirror :) MOM

  3. 30 pound mirror...reminds me of when we hung that mirror in our apartment and our neighbor got on the couch with his cowboy boots and screwed everthing up.

  4. Great Job. The small details adds that extra touch.I really lke it. I have yet to complete my bathroom & Master Bedroom. Thinking about doing an african theme in the bathroom. Will post pics on my blog