Saturday, June 26, 2010

our tiny little garden

Our patio and deck looked pretty sad when we first moved in...

But now it's a comfy place to sit, eat and be inspired.  There is a stream that runs behind the wall in the left of the photo below, and we are able to pull water out to water our plants and also lower a basket down to chill our beers (it's much faster than the fridge).  And there's lots of birds making nests all over the place that we get to watch and listen to.  

These are some buds on our runner bean plants that are about to open up.  Soon we'll have beans coming out of our ears.
These little white flowers will become peas--in fact, since this photo was taken a few days ago we have even been able to eat some!  Everything is happening so fast now.
This is one of our dwarf French bean plants, not sure what to expect from these guys, but they're flowering now which is a great sign!
Now if they would just turn red.
Gardening requires a vast amount of patience.  Which, of course, I lack.  It has been very hard to wait for things to happen, but it is so much fun to watch!  I wish I could set up some time lapse photography cameras by every single bean, carrot and tomato and watch every second of it!  


  1. Oh, it looks so lovely! And your plants look good too! We've had a great harvest this year- tons of tomatoes, potatoes, beans, now the okra is coming in. I wish we had a bigger garden- I feel so healthy and pioneering-type when dinner is mostly home-grown! Keep persevering.
    On the tomatoes, we have to pick ours when they begin to turn a little red or the birds will peck a little hole in them and ruin them.
    Love you! Aunt J

  2. Hurray, you updated your blog! Everything looks so great!! All the plants have grown so much and I love the precious flowers that turn into beans and peas. How exciting and rewarding :) MOM

  3. Your patio looks great! I would sit out there for hours with a beer and a book!

  4. love it! Wish i could sit out on your patio with you