Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Few Garden Pics

I took these pictures last weekend, everything is twice as big now.  

Gardening is so magical.  You put a seed in the ground and it turns into something you can eat.  Wow!  We have planted:

-3 different kinds of Tomatoes
-Lots of different lettuces
-Bell peppers
-Butternut squash
-2 kinds of runner beans
-French beans
-2 kinds of carrots
-Every kind of herb I can get my hands on

We have a tiny patio but have planted lots of stuff in pots and tubs, it really is amazing how much you can grow in just a tiny space!  I would use all of our window sills too but I'm not allowed to go to the garden center for a while.  Sam is pretty sure when everything is in full swing there wont be enough room for us to sit outside.  He's probably right--I don't have a clue what I'm doing:) 


  1. And you guys garden? Looks lovely!

  2. haha, just imagining you and Sam drinking a glass of wine on patio chairs in a jungle of potato and pepper plants.....

  3. everything is growing so well! my plants dry out so fast in the Texas heat

  4. Go, B and Sam! Our garden is actually producing this year- we ate green beans from it the other night, the cherry tomatoes are ripening and taste great, the big tomatos are starting to ripen, our potatos are about ready to be harvested- I love gardening! I wish we had a place in the country for a bigger one! Enjoy!

  5. Love seeing how the garden has grown since we were there! Dad's plants are getting bigger every day!! He loves being a farmer :)