Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Button Monogram Pillow / Driving Lessons Part 2

Here is my version of what Sarah made in the tutorial below. I did not put a zipper on because I was enjoying myself, and I didn't want to ruin that:) It has an envelope closure instead. I made this from the pillowcase that came with the duvet that I used to make my curtains.


So I had my first driving lesson. The instructor is a guy who is friends with one of my coworkers so he was in the office before the lesson and they were all teasing me and even made fun of my Ugg boots--something about being able to drive with dead puppies on my feet. Ha. Ha. He's an okay guy really.

Anyway, I drove around for about 30 minutes, reversed around a corner and parallel parked. He said I drive like someone who has been driving for a long time and that I would have failed if it had been the test. Awesome. I don't check my mirrors enough, "They must be checked every 15-20 seconds and every time you put your foot on the brake" (I totally made my self dizzy trying to do it that often on my drive home that night--NOT SAFE). And I follow cars too closely, "You must be able to see the tires on the tarmac." He was excited to tell me there is nothing I need to change about the way I steer--oh yippie skippie! But that I'm not supposed to use all of the gears because it is not environmentally friendly driving and they take points off for that, and also you are not supposed to wave a thanks to anyone who lets you into traffic or stops to let you by because they could sue you for some reason that he did not adequately explain to me and I was pretty much ready to get out of the car by then anyway. Whatever. Just give me my flipping license and no one gets hurt.


  1. OK, so let me tell you the dialog between my tester and me (AFTER the test). He tried to get out of my car and the door was locked. He told me that was a safety violation b/c it would make it hard to get out quickly in the event of a fire or something. I looked straight at him (mind you, I had already passed) and said, Look, Buddy, I just moved here from Houston and the likelihood of some homeless guy opening your door while stopped at an intersection is FAR GREATER than a fire. I will keep my doors locked. Thank you.

  2. Eons ago during my driving test when I was a young 16, the officer kept asking me questions and I answered him, cuz he had a gun, for Pete's sake! He took points off for talking to him! Papa said I should have told him to shut up! Yeah, right!

  3. Cute! You were smart to do an envelope closure, zippers are a pain. That man obviously doesn't know that the courtesy wave is mandatory in Texas.