Sunday, January 24, 2010


The holidays have come and gone, and now it's almost February. It has been incredibly cold here, one of the longest cold snaps in the history of the UK--below freezing for over a month. Now that it's a little bit warmer I have been eyeing my sun dresses and shorts, and have to remind myself that it's still January.

It's lambing season for some farmers here in the West Country, and I hope to post some good action shots soon (don't worry, I'll keep them below PG-13) as we are going to visit Sam's brother-in-law's farm to see how it all goes down. I've been told I have good lambing hands, and that kind of makes me nervous, especially for the sheep. It's fun to see tiny balls of fur in the fields now on my way to work, they are so dang cute.

We had quite a bit of snow in the past three weeks, and it caused a shocking amount of chaos, comparable to the insanity that can be seen whenever there is a freeze in Houston and the whole city shuts down. To be fair, we live in the country so there aren't a lot of options as far as roads go. The road into our village was salted, but it was still hard to get around. I had two days off of work and Sam had 4, so we got lots of sledding in which was great fun.


  1. Hurray, you finally updated your blog!!! I love reading what you write and seeing those amazing pictures :) MOM

  2. The snow must be a pain, but it definitely makes for gorgeous pictures!

  3. Where is that first picture from (the one with the yellow house?

  4. I'm with your Mom-yeah-you wrote something new- you don't know how happy I am to see an update and new pictures! These are great! Stay warm! Keep thinking summer!