Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanksgiving and Beyond...

I had the pleasure of making Thanksgiving dinner for my new family and some friends this year--their very first one!  Since I was sort of homesick at the time, and I wanted to do something a bit different, these little guys were part of the feast:

The apple pies were a big hit, but unfortunately the pumpkin one wasn't so good this year.  I made it from a whole pumpkin which I've never done before, and it just wasn't quite like Mom's.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and discovered the beauty of Thanksgiving.  I already have people asking to be invited next year.  I do have to mention that my M-I-L made the turkey and it was gorgeous.
We had a hail storm last week which was exciting.  It's the closest we've gotten to snow so far.

This is the hail from our kitchen window.  Please excuse the blurry pic.

We also finally got a table and chairs last month.  It's an old farmhouse style kitchen table, and it has lots of character.  


  1. Beautiful photos. I love your dining room set. I would take furniture with character over IKEA anyday :)

  2. Your cookies and pies look so beautiful! I'm so proud!!! Fun to see the that Nathan and Olivia at the table? Love your new table! What nice decorations too :) MOM