Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sam's Bag

I recently confiscated a bag of old clothes from Sam's parent's house that was about to be sent to a charity shop.  Sam has been asking me to make him a new bag to take his school books in to work since the one he has is torn and needs to be taken to someone who knows how to sew leather.  We came up with this design from an old pair of Gap corduroy cargo pants!
The big pocket on the front was once the cargo pocket on the side of one pant leg.  It's huge and can hold all kinds of stuff like wallet, keys, ipod, phone, calculator and other geeky items like protractors and compasses.
Sam required that the bag be big enough to fit A4 sized papers and books.  He is completing a math degree (maths if you're from the UK) so he has lots of workbooks and packets to carry around.
The inner pocket was once the back pocket of the pants, sized down to fit inside of the bag.  It's a really good size for pens and pencils and erasers.
The strap was part of Sam's snowboard bag that he never used, and is attached to the bag by two of the belt loops.  

I must say that this bag was designed to Sam's specifications, and it was 99% percent his idea--all I did was put it together.  I did not know that my husband had a hidden talent as a handbag designer!  I will put him to work more often and maybe one day we'll make a business out of it!


  1. The bag is so creative! I'm going to show your post to my sister makes fabulous bags! You are very talented.

  2. What a great man-bag! I'm so impressed and proud!! And its it :) Mom