Thursday, July 2, 2009


My visa was approved and issued yesterday. Thanks to the very nice lady I was able to speak with, they moved my application to the front and issued the visa within a few hours. It's so nice to know that I can live in my house with my husband and wont have to do this again... for two more years until I apply for permanent residency. Thank you for your encouragement! If you or someone you know every goes through this process talk to me, I am now an immigration pro:)


  1. I was wondering just yesterday if it had been approved. So you won't have to live in the booming metropolis of Tomball any longer and you can go to your own wedding. Totally exciting! I go to England quite a bit and the area you are moving to is so lovely. My sisters, niece and I have a thing for Harrod's tote bags too! They never wear out! I love going there and picking out new ones! Have a great wedding and a great time moving into your new home!!

  2. phew. that is me breathing a sigh of relief for you. YAYYYY that is so wonderful!

  3. yah yah yah! I'm so happy for you!! now you can have a cocktail in delight now worry!! yah!